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Shakthi Subramania Adigalar:

The Blessings of Goddess Shakthi With the divine discipline, made arose Shakthi Subramania Adigalar, with "Shakthi Peedam" as a base. He has been a successful astrologer for the past 2 decades / 20 years. Since 1985
as a service to the people by gods wish simply by using “beetle's Leaf”. He improves your life style and reduces the intensity of evils, with his vast experience. he offers a whole range of astrological services to bring peace and harmony in your lives:

Horoscope making by Vedic astrology
Prediction / astrology reports of the whole of your life
Business predictions & matching
Horoscopes : Marriage prediction & life partner matching
Solution of your any present problems
Family Prediction
Yantras (talisman)
Gemology- wearing stones in rings or lockets
Vaasthu Shastra consultancy services

As per the visitors questions his answers are highly impressive. Surprisingly it includes all the facts of ones past, present and futures. This website is purposely made to expand his service in a broad spectrum as many people stand to benefit. The visitors can find the solutions for their Problems including the incidents or accidents happened in past, happening at present, & forecomming too, Educational Capabilities, Optimistic Business, Personal life like marriage, Child care, health, recovery from diseases by sidha medicines.

Every human is curious to know about what is going to happen next in his or her life. Yet ironically we have no idea about what we would be doing the next minute. To talk about one's future is indeed taking a calculated risk. Astrology is the science, which has made an attempt to tell you something about your future but of course, not the entire future.

About Astrology:
Generally known as future telling, Indian astrology or Hindu Vedic astrology is based on making and reading of astrological horoscopes, where the movement and positioning of stars affect human life tremendously. It is a human tendency of not to think of bad times when we are happy. And because of planetary changes, we wake up only when bad period strikes and declining trend starts. Here emerges the need of an astrologer to give expert advice about the time factor, fortune, misfortune caution and precautions. Thus, it is all the more necessary for a wise person to wake up and let he knows about the dark phase knocking his doors and also the exact means of dealing with this.

Indian Hindu Astrology
Indian Hindu astrology foretells about the future of the native, good and bad periods in life, the directions to move, do's and don'ts, ways, means, measures and remedies to ward off the evil effects or at least reduce the intensity of evils

Vaasthu as per Science:
Residences, industries, lands, educational institutions, hospitals can be under cure as it may lack proper Vaasthu, but it is a miracle such assets can be rectified to a boon without making distortions. Visitors of above such cares has to report the details like, name, age, family members with names and age, houses building directions, birth place, present location, etc. They have to pay the entrance fee of Rs.100/- or 2.5$ as a demand draft. For which they will be rewarded with Shakthi goddess blessings and the solutions through beetle leaf calculated astrology.


As a devotional dignity for the divine service. we the Shakthi Peedam personality performing special daily, weekly, & monthly pooja, and Annathaanam (Free Meals) besides helping the disabled children for the educational and maintenance needs people who came to know the dedicated work of our Shakthi Peedam are donating gracefully and whole heartedly besides recommending their neighbors to donate, so that they can also be always on the optimistically way to life. It is to advice the Visitors can also be gracefully enough to donate and live successfully throughout their life.




















Amount Rs / $

Vaasthu Designing Plan
We can design your home, factory or shop as per Vaastu. Based on your plan

Rs.6600 or  150$

Rectification Building
Any query for rectification as per Vaastu in your home, factory, shop

Rs.4300 or 100$

Email Consultancy

Rs.850 or 20$

Phone Consultancy
we also offer verbal consultation sessions through Phone to be fixed in a day, Communicating language to be tamil.

Rs.250 or 6$

Imponn Amman Coin

 Rs.100 or 2.5$

Sudarshan Yantra

  Rs.1000 or 22.5$

Ganapathy Yantra

 Rs.1000 or 22.5$ 

Vaasthu Yantra

  Rs.1000 or 22.5$

Match Making from Horoscopes

 Rs.100 or 2.5$ 

Individual Horoscope Reading (45 minute time limit)
Visit personally at Mumbai/Bombay office India. (Appointment Must)

  Rs.100 or 2.5$

Individual Horoscope Reading (45 minute time limit)
on Phone for out of India people.

  Rs.100 or 2.5$

Other specific Services:
For Individual, Business - and for Birthday occations,or speacial occasions, educational Purpose.


  Rs.100 or 2.5$


Terms and Conditions:

1. Please send your Donations / Service Charges as DD or Cheque in favour of A. Subramaniam,
to the Following Address.

   or  Direct Deposit in name of  "A. Subramaniam", Bank of India, (Perur Branch) Account no 20027.
 Deposit in name of  "A. Subramaniam", HDFC Bank, (Trichy Raod Branch)  Account no
: 0311370000514


2. All the expenses which are incurred for the courier services belongs to the customers only.

3. We are not responsible for any kind of damages which are happening at the time of product delivery and product traveling.

4. The products will be couriered after the full payment is realized in our accounts

    Thank you

  A. Subramaniam
  Siruvani Main Road ( New Road Bus Stop),
  Chellapakoundan Pudur,
  Coimbatore - 641 010.
  Tamilnadu, INDIA


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